Currently for game version 1.4.

Menu General.

You can set the building on the bottom of a cliff, or on a flat ground (see example on the pictures).

On going: fixes the collision cases (sometimes a villager can go through the walls). You can already test it with the preview. A link to the next version of this mod is pinned in the channel "winter_preview_feedback" on the official foundation discord serveur: Discordapp.com. Indeed this version doesn't load with game version 1.4 !


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fina.16 @fina16

Hi, I have a problem, cheese can't be sell at the market, what are we supposed to use cheese ? (sorry I'm french)

vjraymon @vjraymon

It should be: this is the same asset as in vanilla cheese maker. To sell cheese, you need:
1) a granuary, with an accessible slot for cheese (take care that all the entries of the granuary (green arrows) must be free)
2) a stall on a market
3) good order of stalls if your stalls are placed on the same market, the villager will buy first on the first stall, then the second, and then the third. So if the the first and second are never empty, then the villager will never buy on the third.
The ,cheese is mainly used to cook meal, sold with wine in taverns.

(Il y a un chat français sur le discord officiel de Foundation)
En français, en gros:
1) verifie que tes greniers sont accessibles, et stockent du fromage
2) verifie que tes marchands de fromage remplissent bien leurs etals
3) verifie que d'autres sources de nouritures ne sont pas dans l'ordre de preference par rapport a ton fromage: un villageois choisit d'abord l'etal 1, puis le 2, etc...
Normalement le fromage est plutot utilisé comme ingrédient de recette de plats cuisinés, vendus avec du vin dans des tavernes pour des citoyens.

Guest @guest

hello, does spawning more sheep affect milk production? if no, either you have to change milk production or cheese production because both are not sufficient. also the shed itself is too big and takes a lot of space.
thank you for your great mod ...

vjraymon @vjraymon

Spawning sheep is just for visual. What do you mean by "shed" ? I didn't find the translation.... About the production: I could add some workers.

Guest @guest

Shed is the building where sheep are kept, in this case it is the building you designed for either milk or cheese. please add some workers then. also sheep milk can't be stored in neither a warehouse nor granary. can you fix this?
thank you again

vjraymon @vjraymon

Fixed. Could you retry please ?

elzeinhasan @elzeinhasan

thank you so much for the update

vjraymon @vjraymon

Thank you for your feedback

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Can you make a building blockade when updating?

vjraymon @vjraymon

Sorry, I didn't understand. What are you wanting to do ?

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I'm sorry. I trust the translator too much. The enclosed drop shows a sheep and a cow halfway through the building. I mean, block the zone in these buildings so no one goes through them.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Ok. Thank you for your report. As I said in the detailed description, I am going to solve this for the 1.5 game version release.