Shoemaker's workshop

The shoemaker's workshop makes it possible to produce shoes in order to process the leather produced by the hunter.
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This shoemaker's workshop contains the following additions:

  • shoemaker's workshop building
  • a new job: shoemaker
  • a new resource: shoes
  • the possibility to sell it on the goods market

The building is available after you reached 20 commoners.

Thanks to vjraymon for helping me out with the path thing and for creating the sweet hammer :).


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Guest @guest

Could be renamed Cobbler/'s Workshop. Really enjoying the village having an appetite for leather other than for trade. Great work :)

der_seBi @der-sebi

Its great that you like my mod. Do you think cobbler will fits better?

Kapten Rödkägg
Kapten Rödkägg @kapten-rdkgg

The shoemaker is called "cobbler" in Kingdom Come: Deliverance at least. On Wikipedia "Cobbling" redirects to "Shoemaking". I can only deduce from the first few paragraphs in that article that cobbling is one of a few ways of making shoes as the article says that both cobblers and cordwainers have engaged in shoemaking.

There is an article for "Cordwainer" that says that it's a profession specifically for making new shoes out of new leather. It also goes on to say that in Britain cobblers were restricted to only repairing shoes, though this distinction is not universally observed.

It is my guess that a cobbler works with everything that is made of leather. This guess is supported by Kingdom Come: Deliverance as it is to the cobbler you go to get your saddle repaired.

Another source says that cobblers were forbidden from using new leather and was forced to make repairs using old leather and that it was an insult to call a shoemaker a "cobbler". Apparently the professions were forced to merge when shoes started to become mass produced and the shoemakers had to start taking lower paid repair jobs.

If you're going to change the name of the profession in this mod then I suggest you change it to "Cordwainer", but keeping it as "Shoemaker" is fine.

der_seBi @der-sebi

Thanks for this detailed information. I guess I will keep the names as they are.

firesofhades @firesofhades

der_seBi the english localization uses the german schuhe

der_seBi @der-sebi

Thank you for that hint. Is fixed now ;)