adds multiple sorcerer houses and quests. Dependency: "sorcerer workplace"


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Sorcerer workplace




Aemilion @aemilion

I am going to try to connect my laptop to my TV because I can raise the resolution of the game doing so, I guess

firesofhades @firesofhades

i'm at 1366x768 as well so i can confirm the issue, unfortunately it's an issue with the games ui. the devs are currently working on an ui overhaul. if you mention this in the bug reports channel of the discrod or the bugtracker i'm sure they will fix this with that overhaul if they haven't already thought about it

Aemilion @aemilion

You can't select the lower part of the warehouse dropdown for storage because of the extra scrolls options in the storage dropdown.

I'm trying to build my monastery, but can't be cause I can't import glass as I can't select glass in the warehouse.

The game crashed when I try to load the game without this new mod. Please solve the warehouse storage dropdown issue.

Thanks and I look forward to having more nice updates and upgrades.

vjraymon @vjraymon

sorry: I can't reproduce your problem. The scrolls appear at the end of the list of resources, so, after the glass, whatever list I use (see the image I added to the media of this mod) Please, could you develop more the environnement of your test ?

Aemilion @aemilion

I think it’s a problem about the screen resolution also. Even if I drag the entire warehouse box I cannot see the last several options of the dropdown. My max resolution in game is 1366x768 I guess.

As a reproduction:
1Select the warehouse
2Click the box in which you want to select the resource to have brought to your warehouse
3The dropdown is displayed but you can’t see the last several options of the dropdown

Again, I think this is about the resolution. Unfortunately I can’t go higher than the 1366X768. I tried all other resolutions but I was able to see less of the dropdown list. Additionally, the scrolls are shown higher on the dropdown list and Glass, Honey, grapes and the barrels can’t be seen in the dropdown. They appear to exceed my screen, literally.

Is there a workaround or should I start a new game without this new mod which gives me too many warehouse options?

vjraymon @vjraymon

This seems to be a PC configuration issue not specific to this mod. Please, ask on the discord channel to see if you have the minimal configuration required and the last updated drivers.