Stone Gate Sandbox Option for Foundation

Released (updated ago). Ranked 161 of 280 with 3,550 (8 today) downloads

Published by vjraymon (mod ID: 599275)


Currently for game version 1.7.8

The mere presence of this mod in the mod list of your save set to no costs and no construction time the buildings of the mods:

- Windows Decorations V2

- Stone Gate Set V7

- Soldier Assignment

- Pole and Flags V3

- Great Ladder

- Harbour V2

- Water Mill Set

- Pastry V4

- Electuaries

- House Addition

- Market Addition

- Covered Bridge

- Sheep Addition

- Salt Production

- Sorcerer Workplace

- Princess Tower

If you wish to go back to normal mode, only remove this mod from the mod list of your game.

Please, tag me (@vjraymon) for reporting.




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