The version V2 and V3 are independants. they can be used standalone, or both in the same game.

CAUTION: If you have already unlocked the Stone rampart, you shouldn't remove the mod. Even if you have deleted all the buildings, the game crashes if you enter in the wall menu, and any save will be wrong. Adding again the mod does not restore your wrong saves. (The DEVs say they are going to fix that on july)

Version 3.0.0:

1) New texture, which fits with the new texture of the ingame Large Stone Wall (version

2) The gate becomes scaleable.

You can assign:

- 2 soldiers on the gate if you set the access to the gate's rampart.

- 1 soldier on the octogonal tower if you set the access to the octogonal tower's rampart.

- 5 soldiers on the octogonal tower anyway.

- 1 soldier on the stone rampart (menu wall) via a ladder (menu decoration)

If you are lucky, the soldiers appear on the rampart, but they can also stand inside a building (this depends on their initial position, and on the configuration of your architecture). They frequently pass through the walls and the floor of the rampart, whatever the doors.

After setting the octogonal towers's access, you can increase your chances by setting a tower door on the 5 major knots which appeared and are floating in the air (see figure).

The minor knots on the walls of the buildings for the windows doesn't all appear on the first setting of a building. But you can see them all when editing again the building after its initial construction.

Version 3.1.0: Optional roof on the small squared tower. Various graphic errors fixes.

Version 3.2.2: The buildings have maintenance costs now and give splendor.

Version 3.3.0: Add access B to the rampart of the octogonal tower.


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Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

I just came back to foundatiuon to see recent additions and improvements, abnd immediately installed all new mods including yours.
I just LOVE IT !
You really did a very good job here. Thank you very much ;)

Will certainly come with feedback when i played with it enough.
Cant wait to see what you'll come with, whendevs add even more modding possibilities (different colors/textures, building mats costs, and whatever you want to go for :D)
Also, i suppose its not possible yet, but would really love to see towers count for kingdom splendor. I really dont like those "uggly" wooden keeps xD

vjraymon @vjraymon

Thank you very much for your feedback. I did not think about balancing yet but it is possible to give kingdom splendor. I am currently working on the next improvement of this mod. On the next week-end maybe ?

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Take all the time you need :D
Yeah, mats cost balancing could be great. I kinda feel like cheating doing such great castles that cost nothing :p Especially if you can add bonus splendor to them

Guest @guest

Thanks a lot for the great mod! 2 questions/issues. 1. if I connect a square tower to a gate on an inclination, the tower will float a bit above the ground. This was not the case with your previous version. 2. I really love the windows en arrow slits, but find it very hard to insert them in a certain slot on the building. Is there a way to make this easier or is there a trick for this which I'm not seeing? just some minor things.. thanks!

vjraymon @vjraymon

Thank you very much for your feedback. I fully agree with your 2 points. 1) I am going to fix it, with other graphic errors, as soon as I have enough feedbacks. 2) My method: I adjust the view at 45° on the facade. I move the window/slit in front of the facade and rotate it untill I see the right face of the window/slit. I move the window/slit over the base of the facade. Then it jump to a random unoccupied slot on the facade. I fill all the facade with that method, and remove the unwanted window/slit (try to not remove the tower: save often !)