Wall Additions for Foundation

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Created by vjraymon (mod ID: 64280)


Currently for game version

The initial heights of these walls fit with the mod Stone gate V5. But this mod "Wall additions" can also be used independantly of the Stone gate set mod.

You can also easily modify the height of the walls in the file Polymorph Games\Foundation\mods\64280\scripts\walls\wall.lua:

just try other values in the latest parameter of the latest lines:

registerWall( "crenationSimple", "SIMPLE", 1.8, 4.85 )
registerWall( "crenationHoardings", "HOARDINGS", 7.17, 7.16 )
registerWall( "crenationMachicolation", "MACHICOLATION", 1.8, 12 )
registerWall( "crenationWoodenMachicolation", "WOODEN_MACHICOLATION", 1.8, 12 )
registerWall( "crenationTiledMachicolation", "TILED_MACHICOLATION", 1.8, 12 )

CAUTION: Don't forget to exit your text editor before launching the game !




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