Medieval Stone Walls



This is a decorative set of modular wrought iron fence and stone brick wall parts you could use for graveyards, lord manor courtyards, churches, or even a dungeon maze. There are a few different modular pieces to create your own fenced area. All the pieces have snap points for straighter layouts.

All the pieces have 1 of 3 sizes: a full wall, half wall, and pillar. Everything should snap together without any extra gaps. It's 3 pillars to 1 half wall and 2 half walls to 1 full wall. All of the pillars nodes can turn 45* in either direction.

The stone pathway can only snap to itself but will curve to fit the terrain.

All the wall pieces also have a fence version for drawing around.

In this mod, there is a light and dark version of most pieces :

  • Stone Brick Flooring
  • 7 Stone Brick Walls
    • Full Wall
    • Half Wall
    • Short Wall
    • Archway
    • Half Wall (Broken)
    • Short Wall (Broken)
    • Short Wall (Cobblestone)
  • 5 Iron Gate Parts
    • Full Iron Fence
    • Half Iron Fence
    • Single Iron Gate
    • Locked Iron Gate
    • Iron Gate Door
  • 5 Stone Pillars
    • Cobblestone Square
    • Cobblestone Square w/ Decorations
    • Cobblestone Pedestal
    • Stone Brick Square
    • Stone Brick Octagon
  • 2 Stone Buildings
    • Pavilion
    • Tomb
  • 3 Fence Ornaments
    • Fleur-de-lis Ornaments (Gold and Iron)
    • Cross Ornaments
  • 3 Wall decorations
    • Canopy
    • Wall Torch (Burning)
    • Red Banner
  • 7 Pillar ornaments
    • Lantern
    • Cross
    • Dragon
    • Fleur-de-lis Statue
    • Brazier (Smoking)
    • Brazier (Burning)
    • Brazier (Extinguished)

I hope you all enjoy this collection! I've had a lot of fun creating this mod.

Feel free to let me know of any additions you'd like to see in the game. I'll try my best to keep new things coming.


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mat49a2 @mat49a2

Can you make a low pillar for a low wall? Practically just add knots to the pedestal.

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Can you do the following items:
1) Iron fence - 1/2 and 1/4
2) Stone brick - 1/2 light and dark
Sometimes they are needed to replenish empty spaces tytułu.jpg?dl=0

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Yeah, the iron fence should be an easy fix. There is already a 1/2 size brick wall.

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Didn't you accidentally make the blockade zone on the round pillar too large?
if I build that pillar that's grey, I'll block the way to the market. It took me almost two hours to analyze why this is happening :) I thought that maybe the trees are not removed properly at the construction site, and when it turned out that this is not it, then the construction of one element each and checking if the road is ok. It's good that I'm patient :)
Now I've checked one more thing - if I put a square pillar instead of this round pillar (the grey one), I'll block the road too..

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RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Yes, I made the building area a little bigger for the pillars, I guess it's too big now. I decreased the size a little and it seems to work a little better. Thank you for all the feedback it really does help!

mat49a2 @mat49a2

This is my proposal - the only mod that definitely removes grass is Fantasy Decorations - Campfire. It would be useful in Stone Brick, because now after about 30 minutes of playing, roads and squares look like this
Think about it in a future update.
I'm currently using Campfire to remove grass from wells and fountains, among other things :)
I build Campfire in the middle and the effect as in the attached link.

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

From my testing, it seems that only the dirt circle stays. I've found a way to make it work with the square tiles.

mat49a2 @mat49a2
You just went down in history as "The man who found the muddy roads and left them paved". That's a brilliant idea! Thank you for the golden lilies. The pavilion - can it add a knot to the roof? One could give a lighthouse or lilies.
I guess Satan himself had his fingers in the update - all crosses fell down - both from fences and from pillars and gates. Lilies are in place :)

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RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Thank you, I'm glad your liking everything. Yes I can add extra nodes to the pavilion, that's no problem at all. When you say all the crosses fell down, you mean they're laying on their side?

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Exactly as you can see on the screenshot
And a request - can you add any nice pillar on which you would put a lighthouse (lighthouses look great :) ) I mean something like that to put a lighthouse next to a tavern or a manor house. It only takes a knot at the top, because it would be a separate decoration, outside the fence.
As usual, I hope that the translator will translate what I wrote so that you can understand it :)

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RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Yes the translation is a little off. You want something like a pedestal or a shorter pillar?

mat49a2 @mat49a2

I think that shortening the pillar by 1/3 will be ok. Possibly some nice pedestal :)
Now it looks like this

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

That's a great idea, it'll be a part of the next update. Already got some more things planned.

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Just please - check for updates before inserting. The current part removal system is starting to make me nervous. Maybe it's good for a church, for example. But already in your mod and vjraymon, where the number of elements is often over 100, find the element you want to remove… :(
Keep this in mind - please. :)

mat49a2 @mat49a2

Let me show you my latest design. See how cool your mod looks. I wouldn't have done it without it.
Please make some more Fleur-de-lis ornaments in gold. It would look great on a fence next to buildings such as a manor house.
And how can you - check the blockage in the round pillar. Sometimes they fast people and make a hole in the fence.

Jeff-norD @jeffnord

That is some serious work right there my friend. Good job!

mat49a2 @mat49a2
142 elements in two simple (I don't want to play with more sophisticated positioning any more) constructions for construction. Over an hour of work in setting up and positioning (this is the worst) fence again. Please test the mod after the update before you publish it. The mod is great. You put a lot of work into it, which is visible in the fine-tuning of details (so despite this error, I still use it), but I guarantee that a large percentage of users, if you lose a lot of time building and after updating it will turn out that their work was in vain, will not use it again.
No, but no more crying :) .
The flame is great :) . So the beginning to make a lighthouse is already :) . And if you add to it a second one, with a longer range, only the color would have to be chosen so that it would not be too visible in good weather, but only after the weather change? Think about it :)

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RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

Yes I realized things are breaking cause I've changed old pieces and then the original piece no longer exists. Everything should be separate and modular now. No more changing of old building parts. Only new stuff from here on out. Very sorry for the inconvience.

mat49a2 @mat49a2

You need to do something about updates. Again, there are only a few items left of what I've done, and if I want to edit them, I'll throw them out of the game to the desktop. You will disgust those players who after each update, not only lose what they built, but also have a problem with removing those items that are left behind.
Currently, after each update I have to:
1) enter the main menu and uninstall the mod
2) remove the mod from the game save
3) load a game and save it
4) return to the main menu
5) reinstallation of the mod
6 ) Back to play
If someone has more than several hundred items to do again, as I do now, he'll be rather upset.

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

I do apologize I believe it might be because of me separating the fence model into different parts.