Storage for Foundation

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Published by Batyushki (mod ID: 1151980)


This mod includes various granaries and warehouses, from four storage slots to sixteen for the largest. The usual granary and warehouse are still available.

All granaries and warehouses now take only two workers, as many of my new models are smaller buildings where four workers would not make sense.

If the building requires it, don't forget to place at least one door (Barn, Sheds, and Tithe Barn).


  • Root cellar (4 slots)
  • Corn crib (4 slots)
  • Barn (8 slots)


  • Shed (two different models, 4 slots)
  • Storehouse (8 slots)

Combined Granary and Warehouse:

  • Tithe Barn (16 slots)


  • Placeable blocks so that you can add a granary or warehouse to any other building (try to make sure at least a corner is showing so that you can still click on the workplace)





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BalBeska @balbeska

Очень крутой мод, спасибо что наполняешь нашу любимую игру контентом.
Хочу задать вопрос, как ты смотришь на идею, чтобы добавить еще какую-нибудь модель для амбара, которая бы вписывалась в городской интерьер, так как почти все модели больше подходят для сельской местности.

Batyushki @batyushki

Может я попробую сделать такие, когда будет времья. Спасибо за идею!

daepa @daepa

This is a really cool mod that I didn't even think about! I'm still seeing 4 transporter jobs per building in my Storage building though. I put Storage right before Balancing for Realism in your modlist load order.

daepa @daepa

If it helps, I did build the vanilla granary before building a Storage building because I wasn't sure if the initial quest to stock your resources could be completed with a Storage building.

Gilles-Therron @gilles-therron

The new storage doesn't resolve the quest. I've built the root cellar, but had to build a granary to finish the quest.

daepa @daepa

Can confirm, the same happened with me for both the Granary and Warehouse quests. Not sure if those initial quests are able to be edited, but I'm pretty sure they can since I think the old version of the Security mod added the Security need to the immigration quest.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi daepa, if you loaded balancing after then you will get 4 workers and 200 storage per slot. That sounds right.

daepa @daepa

Oh I see, my bad, didn't realize that balancing also overrides the worker slots too. Makes sense to balance for the 200 storage. Great mod, really enjoying the different kinds of storage buildings and especially the storehouse, it goes great with the Trading Post building!

NTSU @ntsu

Would be great if we can have an increase to 200 storage space per item. Thanks for the mod!

Batyushki @batyushki

There are a couple of mods that increase capacity, for example Balancing for Realism. If you put that mod after this one in the load order, you'll get 200 per slot.

I don't think 200 makes sense for these smaller buildings like the shed and corn crib.

dperx @dperx

This could be a game-changer! Looking forward to testing.

One suggestion . . . how about one smaller storage facility (or one each for food and other goods), so you can plop a small collection area near hunters and small remote wood camps without having to take too many people out there.

Batyushki @batyushki

dperx Right now I'm limited to keeping the usual function (4 slots and 2 workers), I feel like making anything smaller than the sheds would be too small. But I can release the core blocks as placeables and you can put those inside any structure you like.

dperx @dperx

Makes sense. I posted that before I realized you'd already reduced the number of workers to 2. I like having 4 slots and 2 workers. Seems to work well.

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Finally, different storage :)