Street Performers for Foundation

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  • Thanks to RaisinMuff1n for allowing me to include items from Medieval Faire into this mod!
  • Animal models were sourced from Google's freely available assets ( with some modifications.


Street Performers is a relatively straightforward mod that adds a Need, but makes it easy to fulfill. I made this mod primarily to give more reasons to decorate my towns with unusual items and jobs.

Entertainment is now a need for Commoners and above, which should be met once a month. Your people buy Entertainment by visiting Street Performers, the Stage, or the Menagerie. The amount of currently offered Entertainment is shown at the top of the screen in the toolbar. You build items for Street Performers from the Monuments menu.

To avoid unhappiness, make sure that Entertainment is always above zero, and that it is easily accessible to your upper class areas.

Street Performers

These villagers act for the amusement of their fellows, and are cheap to maintain. Performers come in three different costume colors. Place a stool for one performer, and at least 4-5 arrows per performer. The arrows are invisible once built and represent the place where the performer stands. You can have many performers but they will use each others' arrows. Performers go to one arrow and entertain for one day, then return to their stool. The arrows recharge every three days. Villagers buy entertainment from the performer's stool.


Build the stage, stairs and any props or backgrounds. Employ an Actor to go on stage. The stage is moderately expensive to maintain but can provide more entertainment than Street Performers. There is a limitation in Foundation mods: villagers will buy entertainment from the middle of the stage where the actor stands. This is a known issue which the devs have promised to fix in an upcoming release.


A Menagerie of exotic animals was a must for any respectable ruler in medieval times. Especially after the Crusades, Europeans began bringing exotic animals from Africa and India to their courts. The Menagerie is not cheap to maintain but it provides a lot of Entertainment. Place a pen, then place the fence and gate parts around the edges. You can also place fences free-form. Place your animals inside the pen and the Animal Keeper's stool outside the pen. Make sure the Animal Keeper can get to the animals. The keeper will visit the animals and then sell Entertainment at the keeper's stool. You can have more than one animal per keeper but you will generate more Entertainment with more keepers, up to a point.

The iron fences that come with the Menagerie require Iron for the bars. If you don't have iron yet, you can always build a pen for your Menagerie out of wooden walls.

Extending the Mod

I highly recommend RaisinMuff1n's Fantasy Decorations mod for additional props. You can also add circus and fortune-teller tents from RaisinMuff1n's Medieval Faire mod. Both of these mods are included by default when you load Street Performers. If you place a performer's stool inside a tent, people will go inside the tent to be entertained.

If you add this mod after the "Entertainment mod", you can produce Entertainment using the Brothel and Bathhouse.


Common Resources V1
Fantasy Decorations
Medieval Faire








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Batyushki @batyushki

As of version 1.0.2, if you add this mod after the Entertainment mod, you can produce Entertainment using the Brothel and Bathhouse.

PersephoneHazard @persephonehazard

I've been enjoying this, thank you v much as always!

In the Medieval Faire set, there are bunting flags that snap onto the stage as an alternative backdrop to the curtains. Could you maybe add those to this mod's options please? I just think they look cool - for audience seating I've been using the ones directly from the MF set, but of course it needs to be the stages from here or the actors won't get on them :-)

Batyushki @batyushki

Thanks for the suggestion, the buntings are now added.

PersephoneHazard @persephonehazard

Oh cool - thank you very much!

k3nd71ck @k3nd71ck

Could you possibly add horses please? For a medieval game it's severely lacking horses! Thanks.

Batyushki @batyushki

Horses would be purely decorative, I haven't figured out how to make them do anything useful.

k3nd71ck @k3nd71ck

Even so, I’d be more than happy with that. I’d appreciate it either way, and nice mod btw!

RaisinMuff1n @raisinmuff1n

This is an awesome mod! Really love the costumes you created. Definitely going to be adding more to the medieval faire set soon.