Terrain for Foundation

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Published by batyushki (mod ID: 159756)


Terrain objects appear in the Decorations menu.

Foundation doesn't have true terraforming functionality yet. This mod allows placing artificial hills in the landscape, which can be built on. You can also create islands this way. There are some limitations:

  • Hit CTRL-SHIFT-R to reload the game after adding terrain. This will reset trees and resources onto the surface of the new ground.
  • Added terrain will not grow grass or show paths. Paths are actually present on the original (now invisible) ground.
  • Plant trees or add nature decorations around the base of the hill to soften the transition from normal land to the artificial mound.
  • Added terrain does not recalculate pathfinding, so villagers will walk up vertical cliffs. Use walls or forbidden zones to control villager movement until this functionality becomes available in the game.
  • Avoid covering an existing building with new terrain. The building will be invisible (though still present). The building should continue to operate normally but will not appear at the surface. You can take advantage of this behavior to create underground buildings, but the workers will still appear on the surface.
  • If you delete terrain after building or planting on top of it, the buildings or plants will remain in the air until deleted.





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