Thracian Valley for Foundation

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Published by Arthas_X (mod ID: 916321)


A valley map with a fancy temperate biome.

Despite this being primary a city builder I couldn't help myself from creating alternative environment. Reworked all trees and berry bushes. Added all trees as decoration options which ca be cut down too. It is possible that this requires more computing power but I could not see any difference in FPS between this one and the default maps on my computer. My recommendation is not to start this map if it has less than 50 FPS initially.

Last but not least, the forester can plant only a few of the new models which are not quite optimized as of today. My advice is don't overdo the reforestration zones. You'd better use the forester for constant supply of wood but not recreate forest. The latter should be done by manually placing decorative trees.

IMPORTANT: If you have an old save game(before map version 4.0.0 ) you will have to manually select a function for all berry gatherers. The update adds herbs gatherers to the hut which makes the old building function disappear.

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GoodApollo2 @goodapollo2

I love the map so far, but I have to ask what walls you used in the screen shots of your city? I see that the castle parts are a part of the monument, but which wall did you use to match the towers?

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

The walls used here come with the vanilla game. I don't remember when they appear but in the course of the game by the time you enable the castle monument they should be available in the walls menu.

Gee13 @gee13

I keep getting an error check log files when I try to start a new game with this map.

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

What is the error that you get?

Gee13 @gee13

Looking at the log files this seem to be the error I'm getting

ERROR LUA GamCLuaManager::logError Mod loading failed: 'Thracian Valley' v4.0.2
06:43:25 ERROR Serializer GamCObjectSerializerReaderBase::checkNullProperty property PlaCAssetBuildingFunctionTaxOffice::Item0 should not be null in package

Does this help? I can't seem to attach the whole log file here like it does on Discord

Gee13 @gee13

When I start a new game with Thracian valley map it does load saying that Fancy Nature pack won't load but when I start a new game with any other map Fancy Nature pack loads without any issues. If I start a new game using another map and try to enable Thracian valley as a mod it does not load. I wonder if the Thracian valley has a problem with the Fancy Nature Pack. I also messaged you saying that the Cider Brewery Mod doesn't load. That's all working fine now.

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

Ahh, these both cannot be loaded together. And it is not necessary as the trees in the map and the nature pack are the same. You will get them as decoration options when you play the map even without using the nature pack mod.

ElCatone @elcatone

Love the map! Question?... In the sixth and seventh pic you can see a stone bridge an arching stone bridge on the left side. How did you construct that? It looks awesome!!

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

That bridge is added to the map when you start it (it is just a property like the rocks). It is not a separate building as it is not possible to make an arc with arbitrary length right now.