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"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

This mod introduces Seasons, Weather, a Mid-Winter Fast, and Random Events. It is an advanced mod that builds on other production mods I've developed. I suggest using Batyushki's Modpack so that you get all the modded production items to make it through winter.


One year in-game is divided into four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). Each season lasts three months. Each crop or animal has two seasons of peak production and two seasons of lower production (see the table). During each season the temperature and rainfall will vary randomly. During warm periods with adequate rainfall, crop yields will increase. Cold weather, too much rain, or no rain for several weeks will cause yields to fall. Animals are also sensitive to high or low temperatures, and drought. During rainy periods outside of winter, pastures will grow better which gives a boost to flocks and herds.

Seasons also have an impact on villager needs. During summer, villagers need more water and food, fewer goods and less fuel, attend church less regularly, and want to be outdoors more. In winter the opposite is true: villagers need more goods and fuel, less water and food, and want to be indoors more.

You can track the current season and temperature in the toolbar. Temperatures range from 1 degree Celsius up to 25 degrees. Normal seasonal temperatures are 5 C in winter, 15 C in spring and autumn, and 20 C in summer. While it is not possible to remove leaves from trees, the colours of the vegetation and buildings will change with the seasons. Fog indicates colder than normal temperatures.

You can see the current yield modifiers in the Village information window. Modifiers can stack, for example you could see a reduced Berry crop because of the seasonal modifier for Spring, and also for colder than normal weather.

You will need a wide variety of foods to make it through Winter. I recommend you focus on food and fuel production, store a large surplus in granaries, and make good use of the trading system. In the first year, focus on poultry and egg production since it requires no inputs and takes up less space.

Mid-Winter Fast

This religious event lasts for the first two weeks of the eleventh month. During this period, the people will fast and pray to give thanks for the harvest and to gain favour with God the coming year. Fasting villagers require much less food and water, and will also refrain from buying goods or luxuries. All workplaces will be closed except those which fulfil the needs of villagers (markets, churches, and modded workplaces like the fuel cart and town crier).

During the first week of the Fast, many villagers will make their last visit to the market to stock up on supplies. After this first week, revenue from markets will drop to almost zero. Your treasuries will empty as maintenance costs are still being paid but no new money is coming in. Construction projects will also pause.

The Fast is a good time to plan large monument construction projects. Even if you don't have the gold or resources to build them immediately, you can lay them out to prepare for building in the spring. You can also use the time to decorate your village or lay out new fences and fields.

Random Events

Every month there is a chance that a random event will occur. These can be positive or negative, and sometimes you will have the choice of how to respond to an event. There are fifty different events, and a single event will never occur more than once every three years. Because many events require a certain building or population level, you will experience fewer events during the first year or two of the settlement. You will experience more events if you have more mods that add production items.

  • Troublesome Birds
  • Orchards Infested
  • Weavils
  • New Fashions
  • Potent Fertiliser
  • Blackfly
  • Flooding Upstream
  • Foxes Run Wild
  • Sour Milk
  • Blown Away
  • Murrain
  • Priest Defrocked
  • Stern Sermon
  • Mauraders
  • Buried Treasure
  • Shipwreck
  • Smugglers Caught
  • Thieves Caught
  • Guilds Revolt
  • Farmers Revolt
  • Land Grant
  • Refugees
  • Famine
  • New Breeds
  • Murder
  • Water weed
  • Travelling Blacksmith
  • Expert Cheesemakers
  • Skilled Woodworkers
  • Unhappy Bakers
  • Drowning
  • Massive Shoal
  • Guild of Weavers
  • Bad Flax
  • Ancient Battle
  • Barrels Afloat
  • Poachers
  • Great Feast
  • Damaged Thatch
  • Plague of Rats
  • Poisoned Well
  • Unfortunate Accident
  • Better Offer
  • Sheep Run Amok
  • Exodus
  • Eclipse


Thank you to Minotorious for the snow from his Winter Wonderland mod!


Common Resources V1



























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Elchardus @elchardus

Hey there, when using the Times and Seasons mod (+ Common Resources above it) , at a given point early in the game (8~10 population) , 1 random character (f.e. a miner) will suddenly decide to finish up. After this, he/she will linger in the 'same job' category before becoming a miner again. During this 'same job' time you can click on the plus sign to add 1 more miner.. and you suddenly have 6 miners (but that 1 same character will continue to jump between these phases of working, finishing up, linger in same job, working,... throughout the game) Tested with only Common Resources and Times and Seasons. :) Does someone by any chance encounter the same issue?

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi Elchardus this is a side effect of how I set the weather and season effects. It's annoying but unavoidable until the devs give us a different way to trigger events in real-time.

This is always the first villager. They actually do work normally they just appear not to.

Elchardus @elchardus

So always the first villager, didn't realise that. Thanks for the reply! :) I'm gonna make that villager my Dung+Rubbish+Fuel+(Idler) specialist.

SHAKAR83 @shakar2

How exactly does the decrease of yields of Milk/ Sheep+Cattle work? Cause, f.e. I have bunch of Sheep left even during the winter. Does this mean that the yield of milk from sheep processed during time when those maluses are active will affect it? Although I've those Sheep/Cattle produced already ? Wouldn't it be enough if the weather would just affect the primary resource (animals)? The 2nd step in production: Cattle-->Milk / Meat, Sheep--> Wool/Meat/Milk shouldn't be IMHO reduced.

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi SHAKAR83, because there are two livestock farms (vanilla and modded) the production modifiers affect both the animals and the outputs. For good and bad (to your advantage in spring and summer, to your disadvantage in fall and winter). It's not a perfect system but it catches any mod setup the player has.

There will be future changes to the overall livestock system when it becomes available to modders to make more subtle lifecycle mods.

SHAKAR83 @shakar2

Ahh, ok. I'm probably using just the mod version. The advantage during the spring and summer is disputable (in my case) cause the workers get overcrowded with sheep/milk products and therefore process them during autumn anyway... So, I'll mod it again to fit my taste:D Thank you.

kingpoop1648027825 @kingpoop1648027825

anyyway to remove all the survival aspect of your mod, i dont want the extra challenge i only wnat the look of the season, and the effect, but i dont want the event, cause honestly, they are garbage...

Batyushki @batyushki

You might want to try that one again. You want me to do a bunch of work to give you a custom version of the mod because you think it sucks? Right.

Lera1642140602 @lera1642140602

So this mod is unable to be deactivated again, I just literally ****** up my 900+ citizen savegame.
Is there a way to fix this?
I noticed that the Milk Booster, Berries++ , Wood++ etc. mods completely stop working once your modification is enabled and now I can't revert back. I'm actually quite ****** right now and would appreciate some help.

Batyushki @batyushki

Lera1642140602 are you saying you are trying to remove it from an existing save? I don't think that will work for this mod.

If you're just trying to delete the mod and it won't delete from the game, go to the mod's folder (it's number 689565) and delete that folder.

If you still need help, try the Foundation Discord where it is much easier to chat (and I get notified if someone tags me).

Lera1642140602 @lera1642140602

Actually, no. I wouldn't even be upset this bad if the production multipliers would still work with the seasons mod. Why don't they?

Dave le chilleur @dave-le-chilleur

Would There ne a way to manualy change the "filters". I Enjoy the mechanics but the winter colors a way to Bright to my liking. I play with your whole collection and i enjoy every bits of it. Nice work!

Batyushki @batyushki

You can go to this mod's folder, models folder, then textures folder, and paste over the month 12 filter with one of the other ones. Contact me on Discord if you need additional help.

Dave le chilleur @dave-le-chilleur

I have change the colors. Now, is there a way to remove snow flake weather effect?

Batyushki @batyushki

Dave le chilleur, yes, it will require a change to the code. Can you contact me on Discord and I can help you with that.

Dave le chilleur @dave-le-chilleur

what is your discord?

Dave le chilleur @dave-le-chilleur


nikans @nikans

Currently it’s “Yields of ?, ?, ?, […] and ? are increased by 25%.” in effects. Please fix?

Batyushki @batyushki

That's not a bug, the game hides the resources you haven't unlocked yet.