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To provide a different way to trade for goods, using exchange rather than gold, and to add goods produced by my other mods. This mod also allows trading at much higher volumes than the normal trader.


Unlocks at 12 Serfs and is available in the Monuments menu. Will automatically load Harbour Trading and Fantasy Decorations.

How it Works

First you should build a Trading Post and employ a Merchant. The Merchant will give Commands.

Next you will set up your Exports. There are three types:

  • Export Food (Donkey Cart)
  • Export Goods (Donkey Train)
  • Export Materials (Ox Cart)

Depending on what you want to export you will need more than one of these. Once placed, select the item that you want to export and assign a Driver. The Driver will collect the exported item, get a Command from the Merchant, and then start their journey. Unfortunately I cannot add animations, so they just stay where they are for a long time to simulate going on their journey.

Once the Driver returns, their animal will be carrying an Import.

To convert this import into your desired item, add the appropriate Import stack to your Trading Post. You can snap these inside the Trading Post or put them outside. Assign a Warehouse Worker who will collect the Import from the donkey or ox cart and store the new item in the Trading Post. Your normal warehouse and granary workers will then collect the items.


  • This mod is very similar to my Harbour Trading mod, but is slower since it relies on land transportation. Each ox cart or donkey carries only one shipment, whereas in the Harbour Trading mod you can carry 10 shipments at once in the large ship. You will need many animals in your pack and wagon trains if you are trading large quantities.
  • Only set up Export if you have a surplus. Otherwise the Trading Post will deplete your resources and you may run short in your own settlement.
  • Only non-perishable items are traded through this mod. The items and shipment quantities allowed are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • For an extra challenge, try using the Realistic Trading mod which works with this one and with Harbour Trading. Realistic Trading disables most trading with the normal Trader.
  • If you want to import and export Pottery, make sure that the Basic Materials mod loads before this one.


  • Thanks to RaisinMuff1n for the use of his wonderful Fantasy Decorations!



Common Resources V1
Fantasy Decorations
Harbour Trading








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rS_ @rs16

Isn't wheat and flour swapped?
It says:
1 Commands 50 Wheat -> Imports
1 Commands 100 Flour -> Imports

Batyushki @batyushki

You're right, thought I had fixed this. I will issue an update. Thanks for reporting!