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Published by BlackRhino1 (mod ID: 1823569)


This mod replaces the vanilla trading pool with 15 brand new villages to trade with.

Unlocking the trade route requires a small bribe of something they wish to buy, or in some cases plain old Gold.

I've set up each village so they have a reason behind what they buy and sell, relevant to the village description or because they buy in things that get made into the things they sell. Inspired by Batyushki's "Trading with Farms" Mod, but I disliked the fact that each village bought and sold the same resources. All resources from the Common Resources pack are included, excluding resources solely used in Batyushki's "Monastic Life" mod.


The pricing is set up so that nearly everything is bought and sold for the same price, and also the same price the villagers can buy it for from markets. I didn't want importing items to be a negative economy but also don't think you should be able to make a profit on items you haven't made by supplying them to the villagers. This way you can fill gaps in your supply chains but are still encouraged to expand your own production.

I'm not very good at balancing so the prices are based off of Batyushki's "Balance for Realism" mod. Originally it was a dependency but I didn't realise until I was testing that it reduces all the production to 50%, so I have straight up ripped off some of their code (credit where credit is due) to keep the pricing correct without that mod being a requirement.

The aim behind the pricing structure is to encourage exporting resources as a source of income. Vanilla trading was useless at this in my opinion because traders only wanted 20 of each item and exports prices were not great.

Editing the Pricing

If you are not a fan of how the pricing is set up but would still like to use the mod, I have made it very easy for anyone to change the prices. All you have to do is open "/Documents/Polymorph Games/Foundation/mods/1823569/prices.lua" in any text editor and change the numbers. Please make sure they are whole numbers and that you do not change anything before the = signs. Save the file and open the game and the prices will have changed!


The villages are dynamically set up depending on what mods you have. You can buy some sellable resources to put in your markets without needing the associated mods, like Apples and Cider, however for the majority of resources, you will only be able to buy and sell for the mods you have.

For example: Kerrowich Island only wants to sell Fish as standard, unless you have either of the Salt v5 (vjraymon) or the Salt/Brine (junkets) mods, allowing them to sell Salt, Brine and Salted Meats to you also.

Soft Dependencies - to ensure the dynamic set up works, please make sure that my mod is loaded after all of the following mods, if you have them:

  • Batyushki's Mods: Basic Materials, Furniture, Poultry & Veg Farms, Livestock Farms, Orchards, Flax
  • Vjraymon's mods: Pastry V4, Electuaries, Sheep V5, Salt V5
  • der_seBi's mods: Tannery, Shoes
  • Salt/Brine by Junket
  • Arthas_X mods: Cider Brewery, Corn

During testing, I realised that the "Shoemakers workshop" mod by der_seBi uses their own unique shoes, not the shoes in Common Resources so I have included an override to make it compatible with this mod and the shoes made by Batyuskhi's "Livestock Farms" mod.

This is my first mod for Foundation, any and all feedback is welcome.


Thanks to genstab for the German translation

Credit to for their great tool to create Coats of Arms. Turns out I'm not very artistic so most of the ones used were taken from their galley of user submissions, shared under a Creative Commons license.


Common Resources V1










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rufen @rufen

Hello, not a discussion in a long time, but I installed this mod, unlocked some trade routes with planks and woods in the "Want to buy", but only berries and stone are traded. They just stockpile in my warehouse. Any idea why?

Holy Diver @holy-diver

Love this mod, really makes the world feel more alive with all these different places and factions I can trade with, and it's really convenient to have so many in one mod so I don't have to worry about installing a bunch and checking for incompatibilities.

sachenko @sachenko

Hey mate, just wanted to let you know that you have a typo in line 18 of knight.lua, and line 28 of g.lua, making the selling and buying price of jewelry 0
{ Resource = "GOLD_COINS", Quantity = JEWELERY_PRICE } }, (should be JEWELRY instead of JEWELERY)

BlackRhino1 @blackrhino1

Thanks!! updated :)

BelowTheSun @belowthesun

The pricing changes really do seem to make the early game incredibly difficult. I wanted a mod that lets me trade the various extra resources added by mods but like you didn't want every village to buy and sell the same thing - however I've started a new town three or four times with this mod enabled and it's absolutely impossible to get a positive income. I just can't make enough money to expand, even taking the first free tile tanks the economy. Maybe it's better with Balance For Realism, but I'm still relatively new to the game and don't want to take a dive into that kind of total balancing change just yet.

BelowTheSun @belowthesun

Update: I can confirm it is better with Balancing For Realism, although still challenging. Prioritise getting a trade route open to sell some wood and planks and you'll be fine - this mod is great, just be aware Balancing For Realism is a soft dependency I'd say!

BlackRhino1 @blackrhino1

My apologies, apart from basic testing on it own, I usually play with lots of other mods so haven't really noticed this. I started out with Balance for Realism as a dependency until I realised that it reduces all production to 50%. I didn't really know how to balance it well so just kept the prices the same and ripped off the code that reduces the territory tax from BfR. I have made it very easy for users to adjust the pricing themselves and documented it in the description for this reason.

Seems like 1.9 will totally change how money is collected anyway so maybe soon I wont have to worry about the bad job I did haha.

BelowTheSun @belowthesun

You've not done a bad job at all mate, I just didn't appreciate how much of a challenge the early part of the game would be with these reduced prices, but the vanilla costs and maintenance levels. Now that I'm using BfR I'm having a great time thanks to this mod.

Guardsix6 @guardsix6

Can't seem to get swords or spears bought from the only seller, "The Smiths Guild". Is this something about you mod? I have plenty of iron ore, but can't get a trade going. Swords and spears aren't even showing up in my inventory!

jordinoort @jordinoort

When I unlock Smiths Guild and Chaplace, Smiths Guild is walking all over the place just like he should, and reappearing, but Chaplace is appearing only a fraction of a second to then disappear at the exact same spot. Unlocking additional trade routes isn't a solution. Can you check?

Michiyo @michiyo

BlackRhino1 Thanks for the mod !
One little probleme : I can't unlock the Forest of Newingrave route. I use flax mod wich add the linen resource and add a line in the box wich make the button disapear. Others are ok, only this one.

(sorry for my english....)

BlackRhino1 @blackrhino1

Michiyo Vous parlez tres bien anglais. Je suis desolé. Turns out I cannot count to 6 and did not have the flax mod installed during testing. I have now fixed this in 1.0.3, Thank you for your feedback :)

Michiyo @michiyo

Thank you ! I'm glad to helped with my feedback !
It's perfect !

bluestly @bluestly

price too low Not recommended when starting the game.

BlackRhino1 @blackrhino1

Thanks for the feedback bluestly
This mod allows you to gain meaningful income by exporting resources now. If you are having cashflow issues, expand your production and export as much stone, wood, plank and berries as you can.

vjraymon @vjraymon

BlackRhino1 There is an error in your last patch in the script balance.lua. This line should be:
if not (foundation.isModLoaded("70a58ebc-671b-4389-843e-ae023caa6b24")) then -- freeland mod
(a closing parenthesis was missing)
(Good work about the armories!
About the shoes: yes, we are aware of this point. We are waiting for the "come back" of derSebi. I am not sure about the compatibility of your workaround with older use of the mod from der sebi, but it is ok with a new game)

BlackRhino1 @blackrhino1

damn, don't push updates at 4am without testing kids!

Thanks but what do you mean by armories?
In testing, I could switch back and forth between shoes in a save just by commenting out the override and crtl+shft+R. You'll still have a stockpile of old shoes that you'll have to sell off and then you'll need to switch your market stall to new shoes.

vjraymon @vjraymon

ok, nice . I meant "coat of arms" (wrong "frenglish" translation made a 7 AM)

BlackRhino1 @blackrhino1

Ah I thought it might be a translation error :). I used, made a few of them but there is also a gallery of thousands of user submissions too. Im not very artistic so did get some off there. I completely forgot to add that into the credits.

Yumi1645240509 @yumileashen1

Mod loaded: 'Trading with Farms' v1.0.16
Loading mod: 'Trading With Everyone' v1.0.2
GamCLuaManager::loadLuaFile Can't read file scripts/balance.lua
GamCLuaManager::s_modDoFile Could not load Lua file scripts/balance.lua
GamCLuaManager::logError Mod loading failed: 'Trading With Everyone' v1.0.2

yeah still error