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Notes to V1.5

Due to changes made to Iron Ore / mineral deposits. all custom maps will not load properly with the Update to V1.6. I implemented a placement option for mineral deposits, so you can now easily place them on the map. with the release of V1.5.1 most bugs of the prerelease are gone and it can be used more or less savely.

Besides the obvious change for the Minerals update, I also added ramps/plateaus to the editor, which allows to add ramps and plateaus to the heightmap. just set the height for each waypoint and (all waypoints at the same height, if you want a plateau). the editor will calculate a ramp along the waypoints and will overlay it with a fractal noise layer to let it look more natural. create perfect spots for castles, mansions and keeps.

UPDATE MAPS: you can open a project regularily, set the mineral deposits and cook it. the ore map should not be copied to the cooked folder. alternativly import heightmap to new project with the post filter set to 0, place mineral deposits, place alibi villagepath, set height an waterlevel correctly and cook it. then you can copy the spawnlist from the mod.lua file and delete the iron density map references from the mod.lua

Notes to V1.4

Translations added: if you want to change language, open the options.json file and adjust the language option.

Languages available: English(100%), German(90%), Korean(10%), French(90%)

for drag and drop: click, to mark waypoint with red circle, click and hold to move.

Notes to V1.3

You can now preview your map in 3d: menu>>view>>3d preview

You can let the editor predict starting tiles: menu>>view>>show starting tiles

Improved loading function

Improved Import function: Import any png in any size

Notes to V1.2 and easy mode

easy mode changes all input boxes to scales, that allow you to pick values in a specific range. So its easier to pick "good" values. Easy Mode also hides some parameters that work just fine on their defaults. If you don't want to use Easy mode, go to View>>EasyMode and deselect it.

Video Guides:

the videos are from before V1.5 but can give you an overview how the editor works. I hope I can update the videos soon

Getting Started:

Importing Heightmaps:

Map Guide by Ash:

the guide by Polymorph was taken down due to the changes in map making

Getting Started - Guide

This is a simple getting started guide and will not introduce all parameters in detail for now. Heights in the heightmap are 0…65535, for more practical use, I scaled it to 0-1000. If you already have a heightmap, hop down to step 7.

Step 1: create a new Workspace

First create a new Workspace by clicking File>>New Workspace. When creating a new Workspace, the Map Info window opens. Here you can enter a map name, an id, your name and a description.

Step 2: create a baseline map

To get a natural plain area, you can build a map upon, click build baseline map. The parameters are set to default, so you don’t need to worry about them now.

Step 3: how to add a river:

To add a river to the menu bar and click Add>>River.

A River Menu appears in the left and an empty preview in the preview part. Now you can change the starting and ending waypoint coordinates. The map has the size 1024,1024, so your input should correspond, x=0, y=0 is in the top left corner, 1023/1023 is the bottom right. You can go outside the window with negative values and values above 1023.

You can also add more waypoints to the river and more rivers to the map. To make it easier to predict, where everything goes, all rivers and mountains are previewed as polylines on the main screen.

When you are done, click generate to get a preview and create the river information for the heightmap.

Step 4: how to add a mountain

To add a mountain, click Add>>Mountain.

A mountain menu appears in the left and an empty preview in the preview part. Change coordinates like in the river description.

Step 5: How to add a dip

A dip is just a negative mountain, so change the height to a negative value.

Step 6: generating a heightmap

go to the top menu: generator>>build heightmap. All rivers and mountains will be combined to one map: now you have your heightmap! Please note that no matter how high or deep you map is, it is always rescaled to 0…65535 Steps. Foundation will determine the final height and depth from the Height and Water Level parameters in the Map Info window: File>>Map Info
skip step 7.

Step 7: Importing a heightmap

Only do this step, if you skipped 1-6. You can Import your own heightmap (actually you can import any 1024x1024 png as a heightmap) by clicking the button import heightmap or file>>import heightmap.

set the post sigma value (the filter radius) to zero and do step 6.

Step 8: generating a Material Mask

Now that you have a heightmap, change the view back to view>>priority>>assets, the assets parameters expand.

Clicking the build material mask button will get you a material mask, experiment with the height to get it the way you want it. You can also use the mouse over the main screen to get the height of each pixel.

Step 9: generating resource maps

Resource maps are berries, rocks, iron and fish. From the height of the material map you can now predict the min height, if you want resources up to the beach. To not have resources in steep areas, the steepness parameter can be used. 10...40 are good values to experiment with. Density is the chance that in the areas, where placement is allowed, a resource is placed. Group is the chance that a larger group is placed (in %) .

Step 10: adding Trees

Use the Add>>Trees function to add a tree map. Similar to resources, you can set steepness, min height and max height, sigma applies a filter to smoothen out the edges. You can also add more tree types and configure them. Tree types define, what trees are planted with the tree map, what color they have and what size range they have. When changing colors, keep in mind, that clear white colors them the way they are, overly saturated colors color the whole tree like that, so if you just want to add a nice touch, use less saturated values. I have added a few color presets that canbe selected from a list in v1.2

Step 11: adding village paths

Use add>>village path to add entry and exit points. (buginfo: I have not yet inverted the y axis) the main screen shows entry points with a green marker and exit points with a red marker, also if activated, a dotted line connects the two markers.

Step 12: define the height scale

In the mod.lua file that comes with the map, the ingame height and the water level are defined. normally maps scale around 100 but that heavily depends on your map. Open the map info (File>>MapInfo). here you can set the height and the water level. From version 1.2 you get a cut-through preview of the map, that should help you find good values for the height and the water level. after cooking the map, you have to check ingame, if it fits. Afterwards you can either change the values in the mod.lua file or re-cook it in the editor. please note, that in the lua file its not a height and a water level parameter, but a top and bottom parameter(max/min).

Step 13: cooking the map

Use generate >> cook map to open the cook map window. Don't bother the options that are not marked / logged (unmark what you don't want to rebuild). If the Cook button is not disabled, you can cook your map. When finished, the cooked folder opens and you can copy all files to the Foundation mod folder.

This Project is programmed in python 3 and open source. all scripts provided on the Github Repository











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Mokudjinn @mokudjinn

Hello Isajah,
First of all, thank you for this nice tool !
I discovered it today and made my first map right away, love it.
Something I would like to do is to change the starting points, because they are too many.
Is it possible to choose them ?
I noticed the option to show the the hex on the map but didn't manage to change them.

Isajah_DE @isajah1

Hi, the starting tiles are determined by the game, criterias are >trees, stone, berries <. The editor predicts the starting tiles in the view options, so if you want to change them, you place the resources more scarce or erase them from the density maps by hand.

Mokudjinn @mokudjinn

Hi, thank you for your answer. The good new is that we can still have impact on them, thanks for the tip.

Concerning the rock formations we often see in stock maps, where we can find some undiscovered minerals and ores ... is it possible to add them to hold our added ores because it looks a bit strange to just have ores on my map actually ? :D

Isajah_DE @isajah1

I'm fully with you, the problem is that those models are not exposed to the api, so I cannot access them. It is however possible to add custom models to maps, so if people model a few rocks, I could implement them into the editor. I already added some basic features to add custom models, I just haven't had the time lately...

yue90 @yue90

hi there tq for providing this mod. i'm just wondering about how to place the iron ore. i can see how to put the mineral deposits except that i was unable to generate the iron ore placement. sorry i'm not good with this hehe. hope u can add some tutorial for ore placement. thanks a lot ^_^

Isajah_DE @isajah1

Iron ore Density maps are obsolete since the minerals update of foundation. So you have to place mineral deposits on the map. The type of resourxe its determined by chance, so you can't explicitly place iron ore, so be sure to place enough deposits.

yue90 @yue90

How many deposits do you think should be enough?

Isajah_DE @isajah1

Somewhere between ten and twenty showed to be sufficient. Also depends on how easy/hard you want to make your map

yue90 @yue90

Tq for the suggestions ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

sheeb2 @sheeb2

It seems to just be stuck on that black DOS-esque looking thing as shown here

Isajah_DE @isajah1

It takes a while to load, give it a minute. The command window will print a mathplotlib warning and a few other messages before the window builds

NobleHound @noblehound

Is it possible to create maps larger than 1024x1024 with this?

Isajah_DE @isajah1

No, sorry, that's a limit set by the game

MAJKY666 @majky666

I started to use this program when first version came out. And i can only say that is becoming very good and easy to use. Great job with making this one. keep a good work! Cheers!!

enigmaoffc @enigmaoffc

I can't seem to be able to run any version of this EXE besides the "ufme_1_1_2". The other ones remains on a black script screen.

Isajah_DE @isajah1

Hi, can you tell me which windows build you use?
Edit: lately it takes some time to load, please give it a minute

enigmaoffc @enigmaoffc

I'm using the latest build. But, yeah, I think it just had to load longer than I could handle waiting, its working fine. I'm just having toruble with traders not spawning in my maps.

Isajah_DE @isajah1

have you added enough village paths? you need to add enough routes to access all areas of a map (eg if you have a river, youll need at least one path on each side not crossing. you can also write me on discord if you need help. also the entry/exit needs to be at least 5 off the border of the map

xXRasAlGhulXx @rasalghul1592830161

Hello, I just made my first map thanks to your well explained youtube video. I was wondering if we could create maps in the newer version of the game, I mean V1.6 up, as they added the new miner update, the game does not recognize the iron deposits anymore. Any clues please? because I'm not able to find an answer anywhere, and I'm new to this game. Thank you in advance.

Isajah_DE @isajah1

Hi, I am working on a new release that allows the placement of minerals.