Residential Area (Vanioville) for Foundation

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Adds to the game manually placeable houses. The houses are completely functional. If the serf/citizen's desirability requirements are met they will inhabit them. As well, added a small decorations monument (Backyard Decorations) and a fountain which can serve as a well. The models added by the recent updates are not available in the Housing menu but they are part of Residential Area Monument. On the one hand I find it easier to choose a model by seeing all together in the monument view and on the other hand it prevents convolution of the Housing menu.

Last, the thatched houses are included as random options in the vanilla housing system.

Known Issues: The tax collector will not visit the custom houses. So far the moding API does not allow custom buildings to be added without erasing the default configuration. I prefer to keep the default configuration in that case.

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mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Can you check R's house - residents do not go inside but stand in the doorway

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

It appears I've forgotten the second path point which should be in the house. It will be fixed a next update.

Gilles-Therron @gilles-therron

Hi, first I really like this mod. Beautiful houses. Better than other housing mods. I just placed a house directly named Citizen House D. I didn't know Citizens have other houses than Commoners. I thought they both live in tier 2 houses.
Now I come to my question. I placed this house and it has a Desirability of Very High, a Density of 1... and a tier of 1. Is this correct? Who will move in? it says it Houses up to 4 Villagers or Soldiers.
I already found that Serfs (just promoted from Newcomers) don't move in. Will have to wait to see whether Commoners or Citizens will move in.

Ok, Commoners do move in, although it is still a tier 1 house.

sheeb2 @sheeb2

Could you add some level 1 houses that look like the level 2 houses but y' know distinctly more run down and more poorpersony? I like to make a urban setting you see and its hard to do that with unrowhouseable™ hay-roofed buildings that are for sure for a rural setting.

Funababbitt @funababbitt

Excellent mod. It's the only one I use for housing. I like, especially, the fact that houses can be moved after building.

sheeb2 @sheeb2

a Sandbox Mod would be great, i tried to remove all the costs and whatever but there were many to edit and it was just too grueling. So it would be grand for creative, or semi-creative in my case, players to have this. Thank you in advanced.

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

Do you want to remove the costs and the construction phases or just the costs?

sheeb2 @sheeb2

Costs and Construction would be for the best i'd say.

Kbriscoe @kbriscoe

Hello! I'm having trouble getting this to work, the mod loads and I can build houses but no one uses them and regular houses will not grow. does this mod replace naturally grown houses? immigration says I have no residential space available. I did open residential zone before placing. thank you!

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

It does not replaces the regular houses nor interferes with the upgrades. It adds a few houses to them however. The reason why people are not moving into them could be:
- a house is too far from the workplace
- a house has lesser desirability than the folk requires
- the folks are not promoted

Kbriscoe @kbriscoe

Ok, after some testing, I don't think it was this mod that was causing the problem. I am still trying to figure out what mod it is but so far I've got it and most of my other mods working. I had to start a fresh game with no mods, wait until houses were built naturally then start turning on mods little by little. Thank you for the response!

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Hello, I have a problem with the houses in this mod - the tax collectors are not collecting taxes from your houses. Checked - where houses have been built in the "classic" way, i.e. after designating a residential zone, they are collected. And from houses built with the mod, not anymore. Can you correct this?

firesofhades @firesofhades

We (other modders and the CM, ash. not Arthas_X) have been talking about this in the discord. Figured I'd just post here what we found. The "monument houses" need to be added to the TaxableBuildingList of the BUILDING_FUNCTION_TAX_OFFICE, which kind of makes sense and is simple enough, however, at the moment there seems to be an issue with appending that list (meaning it is not possible to add new buildings without removing the vanilla houses). I don't think it's a difficult fix for the devs, so it might become possible with next patch/update.

I can help you out if you don't use "normal houses" at all and only use the monument houses. I have a mod I used to test this which will make the monument houses taxable, but the normal houses untaxable. Basically the invers of what you are experiencing now. If that would help you just send me a DM and I'll get it to you.

ElCatone @elcatone

Great houses!! Appreciate your work! Would love to see you craft more! Thanks!

sharmas @sharmas

Hey, I have a problem. I am trying to start a new game with this mod, but I get an error saying that "this mod could not be loaded. Check the log files for more information." Can you please tell me where I am going wrong? I have already installed the mod.

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

Can you check what the error is into foundation.log? If it is a real problem it may conflict with some other mods or you just need to reinstall it.

sharmas @sharmas

Oh thanks. Seems like I had to get updated with my version for it to works. Thanks for the heads up. I loved the mod. Thanks a lot

mat49a2 @marek-tarnacki

Hello, I have a problem, I started the game with your mod and even though I have placed houses, in the immigration menu I have a message that there are no habitable zones. I selected the zone to build houses and still the same message. Can you please check this? If I add the mod to a game where I already have houses everything is ok, the problem is only if I start a new game with the mod installed

Translated with (free version)

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

Did you open the residential zone before placing the houses?

manux @manux

Very nice houses!
Would be awesome if you could make those spawn randomly in residential areas instead of the default ones. A bit like House Addition V4.

Arthas_X @arthas1587141616

I've done that but I am not 100% sure if it is a good idea :). That's why it is not published yet.