Vegetable and Poultry Farms for Foundation

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I love variety and a more realistic food supply for my villages. Poultry and vegetables are basic foods that every village would have in medieval times.

Poultry Farm

  • Available at 10 villagers.

  • Chickens and Geese require a house and 3-4 flocks of birds per house.

  • Chickens can produce either Eggs or Poultry; Eggs are produced much faster than Poultry but sell for less gold.
  • Geese, Duck Ponds, and Dovecotes produce only Poultry.
  • Dung must be cleared from the Poultry Farm using a Dung Collector working at the Dung Heap, otherwise the farm will stop producing when full.

Vegetable Farm

  • Available at 20 villagers.

  • There are two options, a free-form farm like wheat farms, or simple fixed field farms.

  • The free-form farm requires both field workers and a processing worker, but produces more per acre of land than the simple field farms.
  • Once you build a free-form farm you need to select which vegetable to grow, and paint the crop field.
  • The differences between vegetables are visual only.
  • Simple farm fields can be snapped close together or spaced out with paths in between each field. A fence can be snapped onto each field if desired.

Vegetable Cart

  • The cart acts like a market table and requires vegetables to be in a granary in order to sell them to villagers.

Woven Fence

  • Available from the Walls menu.


  • Many thanks to Minotorious for developing the animal movement code!


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Ambz @ambz

Editing to say the issue I had must have been a conflict with another mod. I started a new game with just the Poultry and Vegetable Farm mod enabled, and it functioned as it should.


youth_novel @youth-novel

Hemllo, very nice mod. The only problem for me is that, when I construct the vegetables farms (simple option) the ground is colbbledstone and not clay. Do you have an idea why ?

Batyushki @batyushki

youth_novel you have the Paved Roads mod installed, the side effect is that all dirt becomes pavement. There is no way around this unless you remove that mod from the save.

youth_novel @youth-novel

Thank you for your answer

yikemoo @na2249224

Hey, first thanks for making some great mods, love what they add to the game. I just recently noticed that after promoting my poultry farmers to serfs, that was it. For multiple months after they did not appear on the list of villagers to promote.

Batyushki @batyushki

yikemoo that was intentional on my part, I didn't think a poultry farmer should be more than a serf.

yikemoo @na2249224

The working man deserves respect too, how very elitist of you! If my villagers riots I'm blaming you. jk! Thanks again for making such fun mods and appreciate the response.

Ima_g3t_cha @jared-ramby

Hello, fan of your mods. I just wanted to point out a bug I may have found. On the Cart which comes with the Vegetable farm, as it's market asset. Well, first off it shows that someone is attending it, but when the list is pulled up, no one is. Number two, no resources have ever been brought to thus never sold from it. But the Vegetables can be sold from a regular food market stall and traded. Number three, I thought that location may have been the issue, but when I delete it, or any of that farm asset at all, the game crashes.. The rest works fine, as for the free-form farm, and the standalone simple farms go. I love the additional life it brings to the game overall, and I have found no other issues with anything else thus far, everything is very well done and very aesthetic to view.

Batyushki @batyushki

Ima_g3t_cha thanks for letting me know, I will try to see if I can reproduce that issue.

Batyushki @batyushki

Ima_g3t_cha I'm not able to reproduce the issue with the vegetable cart not working. When I place a cart near people who need food, they buy from it. I don't get a crash when deleting the cart. There may be a mod conflict in your game, if you want to share your game on discord I can take a look.

itslechef @itslechef

Villagers don't use the resources when sold from the market?

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi itslechef, I haven't observed this. You may be observing normal market behaviour. Make sure each food stall is it's own monument, otherwise they will only buy from the first stall unless it is empty.

xxx78 @xxx78

Hi, nice mod.
One thing, the chickens seem to disappear after some time. Are there no breeding or regeneration of chickens?

Batyushki @batyushki

hI xxx78, the chickens and geese replenish every month. You should have 3-4 flocks per chicken house to last the whole month.

xxx78 @xxx78

Thanks for your reply. Ok nice, I try some more then.

ShapeLayer @shapelayer

maybe I'm doing something wrong.
but the vegetables do not grow, and the poultry farm does not work

Batyushki @batyushki

Hi ShapeLayer can you contact me in discord and I'll help you. Do you have compost and a dung collector? Did you set the function in the poultry farm?

ShapeLayer @shapelayer

thank you for your reaction! yes...I did something wrong)) now I've figured it out. just started playing) thank you for the mod, super!

NAN6 @nan6

Heya, loved the mods, but as of this newer version i cannot seem to add them to the modlist, clicking the plus icon just doesnt move them to active mods

Batyushki @batyushki

NAN6 I'm not sure I've seen that issue before. Try uninstalling the mod and re-downloading. Make sure you don't have the old versions in the same game as the new ones.