Vegetable and Poultry Farms for Foundation

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As someone who grows a lot of my own food, I wanted more diversity to the early game food sources than just berries. This mod adds poultry farms which produce meat, eggs and dung. The poultry and eggs can be sold at market, and the dung is collected at a Dung Heap and then distributed to vegetable gardens as compost. A woven fence is added as a new Wall which can be used to decorate your farms.

The poultry farm includes chicken yards, geese and a goose pen, and dovecotes for raising pigeons.

Vegetable farms come in different sizes and have visual options of growing Beets, Cabbage, Broccoli, or Beans (which are all sold as the Vegetable resource). Fields come either with a pre-built fence surrounding each field, or without fences so that you can add your own woven fence which I've included. You can add many fields as a single farm. Each one will have one worker producing vegetables.

The dung heap must be placed as two different parts, one is the heap which collects dung, and another is a set of baskets where villagers pick up the compost for their vegetable gardens.

The production of berries is slowed down in this mod, to stop entire towns of Serfs and Newcomers being fed entirely on berries, as is the case in the vanilla game. This will force you to adopt vegetables and poultry as food sources near the beginning of the game.

This mod works best when loaded with Balancing for Realism, to make the prices more realistic relative to one another.

Vegetable and poultry carts can be built in front of the farms to sell goods directly to villagers. These carts do not require a granary to stock the item, they will stock directly from the farm. Granaries will still pick up farm products too.

As with any economy selling multiple types of food, I recommend you build separate markets for each food source. Having multiple food stalls in the same market building instance means villagers will only buy the 2nd type after the 1st type is depleted, and so on. If you build the stalls as separate market buildings, you will avoid this problem. Otherwise your 2nd and 3rd food sources may not sell very often.

Compatible with Pastry V3 mod.


Egg V1



















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Tommy_Cooker @tommy-cooker

I had a problem with one of the recent updates. The game loaded fine but kept crashing which I think was linked to a villager trying to deposit resources at a field. Deleting and rebuilding my farms appears to have fixed the problem.

Thanks for your mods Batyushki - keep up the good work !

batyushki @batyushki

Thanks for the feedback, I haven't run into that but appreciate you sharing it for others that may encounter an issue. Updating mods with a saved game is always a risky proposition but I'm glad you worked around it!

ConradV @conrad-von-htzendorf

Love it. This mod though demonstrates why the entire market system needs to be rethought by the devs. It's too finicky once you start having more and more goods to be selling. Having to manually assign one good, and have an entire villager assigned to sell that one and only good is ridiculous. "I sell shirts, that's it, only shirts". Can you sell pants or shoes? "No that's insane, way too much work for a villager like me! Shirts only!" Come on. Weird design decision.

batyushki @batyushki

It would be cool to have generic Food Sellers. But I think we might still have balancing issues with that, since the seller would have to decide what to sell and in what proportions. Interesting thought.

I've been experimenting recently with having each producer have a market stall outside their front door, which can pull not only from granaries / warehouses but also from the producer themselves. This simplifies the supply chain by removing the need for dedicated granary slots and warehouses. Not exactly what you're thinking of, but the best I can do given the current API. I will be releasing something like this in the upcoming Livestock Farms mod.

batyushki @batyushki

Oh and the latest release of the Furniture Mod includes this feature - check it out and let me know what you think.

DAD1596645740 @dad1596645740

As someone who grows my own food too, I really appreciate this mod! If wishes were fishes and I had a dozen I would have the eggs from the other mod that adds eggs and these be the same entity so that you can use them for stuff, and for some simple animations for the chickens.

batyushki @batyushki

In the latest version the eggs are the same as the Pastry mod, so you can use them to make pastries.

Right now the only animations possible are to have the chickens roller skate around without moving their bodies. I may try this or just wait until real animations are available to modders.

Glad you like the mod!

Achinesepanda @achinesepanda

I just like your mod ,and I tried out few times . very intrestiing .but instead only can sell those to the villagers,can you also add trading function in this mod? it will be good if I can trade those products to other villages

batyushki @batyushki

A good idea, it's going on this list.

Silverian67 @silverian67

I just started trying this out this afternoon and I have to say it's a great mod, looks super and really well executed, my only concern is with poultry selling for 4 gold per unit and vegetables for 2 gold I found it just makes the early economy grind to a halt (especially given I can sell berries for 9 gold per unit). Love your idea of balancing production so as to not flood the start with food but perhaps the prices could be adjusted to incentivise using the mods produce? Either way, thanks for making my Foundation experience even better :)

batyushki @batyushki

Thanks for the feedback. It's true that the prices in this mod don't align well with the vanilla prices. I created a Balancing for Realism mod to make the vanilla prices more relative to each other and to make the game harder. Using the two mods together should make Vegetable and Poultry production necessary in the early game.

batyushki @batyushki

Maybe to make this internally consistent I will adjust the Berry price in this mod too.

LordSeth @lordseth

I think the best way is to have this one fit vanilla pricing and then adjust the balance with the other mod. If you start touching vanilla prices in this mod you may break many stable economies that are based on vanilla prices. For the same reason I would suggest to take out the berries speed reduction from this mod and put that into the balancing mod. What is the point of having a balancing mod if you are balancing here? I do my own balancing with Fiery Essential for example, so having this mod (that I LOVE!) touching balance makes things a little bit more confusing.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Well, european people haven't discovered the beans at middle age yet...

batyushki @batyushki

Thanks for the feedback! It looks like medieval Europe had certain types of beans (chickpeas, fava beans / broad beans) but not the vine variety. I will work on a bush-type bean plant to replace the climbing one!

vjraymon @vjraymon

thank you for the precision

ldylarke @ldylarke

I love the new fence! So far really enjoying your mod on a new game.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Are the chicken animated ?

batyushki @batyushki

Not yet. I saw how it was done in the HenHouse mod but I didn't like the way they glide over the ground without moving their legs. Maybe I could work on an animation of the hens pecking the ground? I haven't ever tried animation in Blender.

LordSeth @lordseth

would be very nice if both of you talk and find a way to use the same egg resource, so we can use them to make pastries after ;-)

vjraymon @vjraymon

As far as I know, you can't use animation from Maya or Blender by modding yet: you have to manage with the functions move or rotate on parts of your object