Vegetable and Poultry Farms for Foundation

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As someone who grows a lot of my own food, I wanted more diversity to the early game food sources than just berries. This mod adds poultry farms which produce poultry (meat), eggs and dung. The poultry and eggs can be sold at market, and the dung is collected at a Dung Heap and then distributed to vegetable gardens as compost. A woven fence is added as a new Wall which can be used to decorate your farms.

The poultry farm includes chicken yards, geese and a goose pen, and dovecotes for raising pigeons. Geese give twice as much meat as chickens, and chickens give twice as many eggs as geese.

Vegetable farms have two variants: fixed-field, and free-form field. Both types have the visual option of growing Beets, Cabbage, Broccoli, or Beans (which are all sold as the Vegetable resource).

Free-Form Field: The free-form fields are like wheat farms, and require you to draw the planting area. The free-form field requires a Vegetable Farm building and a lean-to shed where compost and water are brought for production. You must build the lean-to onto the main building, otherwise the farm will not produce vegetables. Set the vegetable you want to grow and then make sure to add workers to both building parts.

Fixed Fields (fenced and unfenced): Fixed fields work like any workplace growing food using Compost and Water as inputs. Fields come either with a pre-built fence surrounding each field, or without fences so that you can add your own woven fence which I've included. You can add many fields as a single farm.

The dung heap must be placed as two different parts, one is the heap which collects dung, and another is a set of baskets where villagers pick up the compost for their vegetable gardens.

Vegetable and poultry carts can be built in front of the farms to sell goods directly to villagers. These carts do not require a granary to stock the item, they will stock directly from the farm. Granaries will still pick up farm products too.

This mod works best when loaded with Balancing for Realism, to make the prices more realistic relative to one another. You can also use the Trading with Farms mod which allows trading farm goods early in the game.

As with any economy selling multiple types of food, I recommend you build separate markets for each food source. Having multiple food stalls in the same market building instance means villagers will only buy the 2nd type after the 1st type is depleted, and so on. If you build the stalls as separate market buildings, you will avoid this problem. Otherwise your 2nd and 3rd food sources may not sell very often.

Compatible with vjraymon's Pastry V4 mod.

Thanks to der_seBi for localisation to German, and GalahadC for French.


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LOxVolsungxKI1 @loxvolsungxki1

Hi, I don't know why, but I'm using the authority mod which forces me to use this mod. This mod does not allow the chicken or geese farmers to gather eggs or poultry. It doesn't even say any are being produced just dung..... after 9 in game weeks my people now hate me. I've started 3 games to same results, I've tried separating all of the coops as individual functions, I've tried doing it all as one. I ended up deleting authority and all these mods since you cant play foundation if you can't feed your kingdom.

Batyushki @batyushki

LOxVolsungxKI1 indeed Authority uses this mod too. You don't have to use it though - it's purely optional. You could still only gather berries and fish for example.

Gathering food is a matter of making the chicken house, placing some chickens, and assigning workers. Just make sure no one is blocked. The chickens must be out in the open and not behind an enclosed fence with no gate. Geese work the same. You also need to assign the type of production in the chicken house - poultry, eggs or both.

LOxVolsungxKI1 @loxvolsungxki1

Oooh that is very helpful, thank you. I really do want to use all your mods as they are so good. Thank you for explaining that to me as I was putting chickens inside the coops. If it isn't inconvenient for you, would it be possible to write little descriptions on each buildable item so these mistakes don't happen. I honestly spent that sunday so frustrated trying to figure it out. I'm going to redownload them all and try again.

DRHVSB @drhvsb

Thanks for the great mod, I've been playing with your modpack and it's quite a challenge (lasting that first winter/fast is tough)

One thing I haven't been able to get working is the carts. No matter what I do, I cannot get villagers to buy directly from the cart. The carts are stocked directly from farms/berries/etc and have stock available, but my villagers just ignore it and go for standard markets instead.

Batyushki @batyushki

DRHVSB Make sure to build each cart (and market table) in separate monuments. If you build them in the same monument the buyers will only go to the first table until it is out of stock.

DRHVSB @drhvsb

Yeah, based on previous comments of yours from these mods, I always have a separate instance for each market. The carts are always separate, but can't get people to buy from them.

Batyushki @batyushki

OK, I haven't run into that. If you want more help troubleshooting, contact me on Discord and share your save so I can take a look.

DRHVSB @drhvsb

So after playing many hours on this map without carts, I've tried carts again, and now they seem to work. Back when I was using them at the beginning they didn't seem to. I don't know what changed. Nevermind!

Cascadiya @cascadiya

Hey there! I downloaded your mod and it works great!
There's only one issue: Although the german localization exists (and I already checked it, there's no translation data missing) it's still not showing everything in game. Parts are translated and other parts are not (while the translation file is complete).
Any idea how I can fix this?
Anyways, thanks for the great mod

Batyushki @batyushki

I'll take a look and update the missing parts. Thanks for the heads up!

Cascadiya @cascadiya

You're very welcome! I already updated the german text file and can send it to you, if you need it. Fixed 1 or 2 typos and updated the missing words.
Unfortunately didn't solve my problem so far and I don't know why.

Batyushki @batyushki

If you contact me on Discord I can work with you to correct any translations. I've just uploaded new localisation including German for all my mods, but I'm sure some of it will need to be corrected.

Cascadiya @cascadiya

Sure! Mine is Corrin#0537. Or if you're busy atm, you can comment yours and I'll add you. I haven't found yours anywhere, hope I didn't overlook it

Batyushki @batyushki

Try going here:
I can't find you either !

Batyushki @batyushki

I have updated the Chicken and Geese to allow more than one flock per worker. Now you place the flocks (or individual poultry) and then separately, a chicken house or goose pen. The worker collects the poultry which disappear as they are processed. For each worker you should have at least two flocks so they don't run out of birds. Birds replenish every month.

Segelmange @segelmange

Thank you for a brilliant mod. I like it a lot.

I have built 8 egg and poultry farms together with water, dugn heap and compost. Next door I have a veggie farm.

But I rarely get more than a handful of eggs, veggies or poutly? What am I doing wrong?

There also seems to be dung stored in the dung heaps, but in the inventory it says I have 0 dung?


Batyushki @batyushki

Do you have the seasons mod installed? If so you will only get poultry in large quantities during spring and summer.

Rettie @rettie

Hi! I have few issues with this mod. But good news too!
I mean they work... kinda. As they are available early in-game i tried to put them and make carts part of my central market - it looked cool. But people are ignoring carts are they too far from the farm? I can sell veggies if they are used by normal market thou. Second I don't know what is the point of having them so early in the game if people are ignoring it and going for berries. I should try not to use berries at all thou but damn everyone wants those berries.
I love that you can grow crops in so many ways it's aesthetic and working fine.
I hate idea of animals being put as ... things and nor being animated its same with livestock farm it would be better to just spawn them or at least make them animated. I mean if you can animate I can help you.. if it's hard from modding perspective then its so sad it irritates me so much. Dung heap could have better textures.

Batyushki @batyushki

You cannot animate in the current API. You can have them move around randomly (see vjraymon's Pastry mod - henhouse) but I don't like the look of this and would rather they stayed put until we have true animation capability.

mrwawa @mrwawa

Hi! I've just installed your mod (1.1.13 + game updated to latest) and I've just had a crash on placing the Dung heap collector component. As soon as I clicked on that part in game, it crashed to desktop.

Edit: Yeah, every time I try to place the collector component I CTD.

Edit 2: Disregard this, I'm an actual idiot. When placing it said that a core was already placed, so I didn't place another one. After placing a second core and then clicking on the collector component, it worked. I'm going to leave this up in case anyone is a big ol' dumb dumb like me :P.

P.S - Thank you for all of your amazing mods.

PersephoneHazard @persephonehazard

Yeah, there's...*something* going on with the dung heap cores. If you accidentally try to place a second core and the two cores snap together, it crashes to desktop then as well. Neither of these things are critical problems obviously but it seems to indicate something or other in the mod's code that makes crashes more likely!

Batyushki @batyushki

Just released a patch that I hope will prevent this type of crash going forward.