Water Crane for Foundation

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Water Crane

A fully animated Water Crane that serves Water to the Villagers and produces Fish with a chance of exhuming Gems from the depths of the river!

The Water Crane is unlocked after reaching 10 Serfs. It has a quite high upfront cost of 200 gold and requires 50 planks, 10 stone, and 10 tools to be built. It consequently has a 50 gold per week maintenance cost and reduces the residential desirability in a small radius around it.

In return it provides Water to villagers in the nearby houses, produces Fish in half the amount as a fishing hut, and has a 33% chance of exhuming Gems from the depths of the river!

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Manual Installation Instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Create a new directory in your Documents/Polymorph Games/Foundation/mods folder named Water Crane
  3. Copy the zip file in the new Water Crane directory
  4. Extract the zip file using the Extract Here option (do not use the Extract files... option as it will create one more folder in the file structure and the game won't recognise the mod!)
  5. The mod should be good to go! In case of problems contact me using any of the aforementioned social media links or ping me in the official Foundation discord server.

Note: Check the mods folder for a directory named 637104, if it exists delete it or the game won't load the version of the mod you have manually downloaded!

Note to other modders

If you want to use any part of this mod for your own mods please note:

  • This mod is released under a GPL 3.0 licence, if you use or modify any part of its code for your own mods you have to release your full source code as well as include the GPL 3.0 licence with your mod! Read the LICENSE text file for more information!






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Mister_glopy @mister-glopy

Hi, I am Russian speaking, translation via google translator. The mod is good, but for some reason at first the tap only produced water, after the restart it began to blow fish, then after the third restart it began to blow the precious stones. I liked that one building can blow up to three items. Forgive me if there are literate mistakes.

Minotorious @minotorious

Hey there thanks for the comment, the building itself due to UI limitations only shows the water serving function but once you assign a worker it will produce fish with a chance for gems. The production has a quite long timer, i.e. 240 seconds for 15 fish and a 33% chance after each fish production for gems, so if you get a bit unlucky it can take a while to notice the gems.

vjraymon @vjraymon

Pretty animation !