Wild Berries for Foundation

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In this new system berry bushes will be scattered in, or close to, forests. The foragers who pick the wild berries can wander far and wide - no extraction zone is required, nor do you have to own the land in which they grow.

They will gather the berries quickly, but soon a new bush will regrow. Be sure to keep plenty of trees (or keep planting them) in order to maintain a constant berry supply.

You can still use the vanilla gathering hut, but I've also added a hut which employs two workers.

Note: The first time you use this mod your map will take longer to load. The next time you load your saved game however, the loading time will be back to normal.


Many thanks to firesofhades who created the scripts which you'll find in the /foraging folder.

Also many thanks to Minotorious for the EBF mod and assistance.

Also also, thanks to Batyushki for his hats, baskets and inspiration!

Last but not least, thanks to everyone in the Foundation discord community for discussion, feedback, ideas and for generally being awesome!


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Wolfgang_the_Cunning @wolfgang-the-cunning

I love the idea of this mod, thanks for your hard work!

Could you please make a version of this mod that uses mushrooms instead of berries? Or maybe give a variety of things that could be gathered... berries, mushrooms (food and "medicinal"), wild garlic, blueberries, raspberries, medicinal moss (Iodine can be extracted from moss, maybe makes Poultices which speed healing for injured soldiers or sick people?), or different color flowers to be converted into dyes?

junkets @junkets

This is the best, most cleverest, berry system out there!
If you have issues with it, please visit the discord.

junkets @junkets

This should be the last time an update breaks anything. Apologies for any inconvenience. Grumblerbear thanks for the feedback - that was an oversight, and now should work like you suggested.

Grumblerbear @grumblerbear

maybe merge profession with standart?

firesofhades @firesofhades

Yes, very good suggestion. We can't use the vanilla job, but we can make the vanilla hut use the forager job. Update will come soonish.

Grumblerbear @grumblerbear

U dont remove original berries?

junkets @junkets

Yes, original/vanilla berry bushes are removed. Make sure you click "Edit Mods" and then add the mod to your saved game before loading.